Meeting Yonebayashi-san

Today I had a slight change of plans once Mr. Holmes was over (it was really good, btw!) and we were walking back to the train station with my friend. I’d read an article online that Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the director of the newest Studio Ghibli animation, When Marnie Was There, would be attending the Helsinki International Film Festival for the screening of said film, and that he would be signing movie posters before the screening. The amount of posters was apparently going to be so limited that the media was telling people to go “get this collectible treasure” as they were thinking it might become a “collectible rarity” poster.

IMG_6329I’ve loved all the Studio Ghibli movies I’ve seen so far, and of course, I just had to go and see if I could get to meet him and get a poster for myself. There was a little problem, though, and I needed to check some information to see if I’d even be allowed to go to the signing event in the first place.

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Start the weekend with baking


I thought it would be great to start the weekend by baking something good instead buying it when I started craving something sweet once I got home from work today. When I started going through the drawer of recipes, I noticed one that I usually favor. Do you have that one dear recipe that you’ve printed out and made so many times that it’s starting to get a little dirty with ingredients? I do.

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Diving back into language studies

I’ve been attending Japanese classes for two years now at the Vantaa Adult Education Institute. My third year of evening classes started on Tuesday. Finally!

I really like the group we have, and the teacher is also very nice. She makes it fun and easy to learn. I also like that we keep track of some of the Japanese holidays by talking about them when it is current, so we also get to know a little more about the culture, which is great. I’m very interested about their religious holidays, so when we talk about those I am always super focused, haha.

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Getting ready for autumn

IMG_6135Well, it looks like summer is about to be over now. We didn’t even have a very warm summer this time, at least not much of it. Most of the time it just rained a lot, until it finally got warm around July. But now that it’s already September, the days are getting shorter and the mornings (and evenings) are getting almost surprisingly cold. Somehow I always forget that the early autumn is so cold, too, instead of it only starting to get noticeably cold around November. For some reason I associate cold with snow, so maybe that is why it surprised me now that I go out to actually feel it for longer times than just while I stand at the bus stop waiting for a bus (while wearing my warm autumn jacket and hoodie, haha).

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1st year of cycling: 2,222 km and counting

IMG_4239I started cycling properly again meaning: more often in May when I decided to participate in the Kilometrikisa (literal translation: Kilometer Race) this year. It’s a friendly competition a race is a race is a race not here to make friends hey haha just kidding between teams of at least 5 people. The purpose is also to promote commuting and to get people to cycle more and you know, not drive their cars all the time. The winner of the race is going to be the team who has the most kilometers on average for each person in their team. The race time is from May 1st to September 22nd. There is also a winter race, but I’m not planning on participating in that at least this year.

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About my exchange year in Arizona

Kuva 168I was looking at some old photos to attach to the List here, and I came across some from my high school Fall Break in Payson, and they got me thinking about Arizona and my exchange student year there. It was surprising to realize that it’s been already 10 years since then. How time flies!

I remember when I was notified about my placement in the states in March 2005. I was so excited! I was jumping up and down in happiness. I read an old diary entry from that day, and seems like I almost had a victory song, too, haha. It went something like this: Arizona, Arizona. Here I come, Arizona!

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Simply, Me

I started thinking that I didn’t really have a blog where I could talk about my hobbies or just things that happen during the day. Sure, I already have two blogs, but they have such limited topics I can really talk about if I look at the titles and such, so I decided it was time to separate my sports related posts and other silly anecdotes from my philately and reading blogs.

September 1, 2015. The Vantaa.
We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes I’m a bit too lazy to write, so I really hope I can keep this one up at least. I have a lot of plans related to cycling coming up, especially next year, so I should have things to write about. Desperate calls for help, if nothing else, haha.

Here, have a pretty picture of the Vantaa river. Ta!