Start the day at 5am

The weather’s been very cold this week. We had our first snow in Helsinki and the roads were icy, so I didn’t take my bike to work this week at all. Instead, I went to the gym in the evenings that I could and took a spinning class. If someone had told me last year that I’d rather be cycling outdoors than indoors, I would have laughed at them but that’s how it is now.

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It’s here!

IMG_7164Or so says the package of the cycling jacket I ordered from Wiggle on Friday, November 6. It is also the very same sentence I said when I saw it, so I thought it was very clever of them to put in on the packaging, haha.

I was very happy with the service. The store was very easy to use, and shipping worked beautifully. They said that the package would be picked up from Wiggle within a day and delivered to me within 6 days, and that happened. Last time I ordered something from abroad, it never came. It was a huge mess and took a lot of emails and waiting, but in the end I got my money back and was somewhat happy. I’m never going to order a CD album from that record store again, not even if it is a gorgeous limited edition like that one was. At least, not if I can’t track the package.

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Winter won’t stop me?

Monday morning

I was very happily surprised when I got home from Australia that there was no snow on the ground yet, and the weather forecast said the temperature was expected to be well above 0 degrees for the coming week.

However, I had a time reserved to go get my nails done again for Monday, so I went to load my travel card until the middle of December on Sunday, and then took a bus to work on Monday. It was nice to see so many people still cycling to work at this time of year, and I was feeling a bit envious because I hadn’t taken my bike that day as well, haha. If someone had told me last year that I would really want to cycle to work, I would have just laughed. Sure, I liked indoor cycling then as well, but riding outside, rain or shine or freezing? No way. Oh, how the mind changes.

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