Friday 13th with Nightwish

I meant to write this post after the actual concert in November, but things happened and I didn’t have time to write it before now. But here goes!


IMG_5082-1The evening was amazing, as always 😀 This was the second concert I went to during the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour, the first one I went to being in Joensuu in June. I liked how they had changed the setlist a little. They had great songs on both setlists (older ones as well!), but they had added some of my favorites to the set in Metro Areena, so of course I liked that one better, haha! I was very happy to hear Ever Dream, 7 Days to the Wolves and the Poet and the Pendulum. Also, Ghost Love Score is maybe my favorite song on Once, so hearing that as well again was amazing! I love how they also have Stargazers in their setlists nowadays. Floor sings it wonderfully!

IMG_5059-1-2Which brings me to the next thing I’ve noticed. After the concerts, my friends always ask me if the singer is any good. They did it when Anette was still in the band, and now they ask me about Floor as well. I liked Anette well enough when she was in the band, but I like Floor much more. She can sing this style of music a lot better, I think. That might also be why they have songs like Stargazers in the setlist again. Anette was good as well, don’t get me wrong, just in her own way, and maybe she wasn’t really right for this style of music 🙂

IMG_4974-1All in all, the night was super fun. It was a great to share that with Mom again 🙂

I’m a bit disappointed that the only 2 concerts Nightwish is having in Finland next year will be at festivals. I haven’t been able to find a friend to go with me to music festivals for a while now, and going alone is boring. But we’ll see. The tickets came on sale today, and I won’t have a chance to buy a ticket before the end of the month anyway. So, if they won’t sell out the early bird tickets before then, I just might need to reconsider and go alone after all. Who knows when I will have another chance to see them next? 🙂


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