How I started to hate snow (but not really)

First day commuting during winter and snow~! I woke up super excited (if a little tired, and nervous about work today as I had to participate in a quality audit in the morning, eek!), and then I got ready! Packed my backpack with work clothes, keys, phones and then some soaps. For once I had been wise and checked my locker at work during Friday to see what I had there, and the shampoo and shower gel were starting to run low, so new ones were needed! I also double checked I had my bike lock and key before getting dressed.

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Recap: Land of Ice, Part Two

Read Part One here.

Icy Knife by Taru Tarnanen on

On the fifth day of the workshop we were happily surprised with some ice on the beach at Jökulsárlón. We had been told that there was no ice on beach when we got there, but in the morning the situation was a lot different. There was even, dare I say it, too much ice on the beach. We had to walk a long way from the car park to reach a point at the beach that had some isolated ice for us to shoot.

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Recap: Land of Ice, Part One

Phew! What a trip I’ve had during the last week! On my previous post I mentioned that I was going to Iceland for a photography workshop (Land of Ice – South Iceland winter photo workshop, lead by Erez Marom), from which I have just returned today. I enjoyed it a lot, and I had a great time getting to know new people and learning new things I can use in my photography.

Seljalandsfoss by Taru Tarnanen on

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A Year in Review

Another 365 days have flown by. I say it pretty much every year, but as it has always been true: It’s hard to believe how fast the days went! This year even more so, as there is something happening really soon that I booked during the first week of January 2015. Then it felt like the day would never come. But more about that a little later.

So! What happened in 2015? Simply put, the year was pretty great. I’m so glad I participated in the Project365 for a second time (a picture each day) after all. The pictures are very useful now when looking back, let me tell you! So much happened that I already forgot they even happened last year. Let’s take a look at the most memorable things.

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