Step by step closer to spring!


Last week we had a couple of warm days! It was so nice to skip a layer or two of clothing after work for the commute, making getting dressed so much faster, haha! It didn’t last very long, though. On Thursday evening I was kicking some ice on the side of the street so that I could spread it out so it would melt faster when I realized it was raining a little. Yay! I was in for a nasty surprise when morning came, however. It had started snowing during the night, and we had 5cm of snow on the ground! NO! đŸ˜„

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Sunny Saturday and Culebro

Mom convinced me to go to our gym this morning to attend karaoke spinning class again. I don’t remember if I’ve told you guys about it before, but basically it’s a spinning class where you can sing a karaoke song and others cycle to the music. It’s super fun, and I was so glad I went after so long of skipping it, haha. However, me going to the spinning class is not why I am writing this post 😉

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