Adele in Stockholm

I’m still amazed that I managed to score a ticket to Adele Live 2016 tour. It was the first concert I traveled abroad for – if you can count hopping on a ship to Sweden “abroad” 😀

The adventure to see Adele started after work on Thursday when I made my way to the terminal with my backpack. I’m so glad I could fit everything in that small thing, haha. Because I had originally planned to travel somewhere for my birthday, which I didn’t do in the end, I had booked myself a slightly better cabin than what I usually get (the 1-2 times that I’ve gone on a cruise lately, haha). It was also for 2 people, instead of 4 people max, so I didn’t feel creepy being alone in it. I ate good food, and spent the evening planning what I would do on Friday before the concert in the evening. Finding my hotel being my biggest concern, haha.

Turned out, I had 2 friends on the same cruise, so I joined their company for most of Friday. We visited a couple bookstores and went to see the cherry blossoms at the Kungsträdgården. They were lovely, as always.

I left to my hotel around 3pm, and spent the next couple of hours getting ready. Taking a shower and looking at maps. The receptionist at the hotel was kind enough to advice me against taking the train to the Globen station, because of the amount of people that would be there. She said that the next station was only a short walk away, and that the station would have 3 trains stopping there, instead of just the one that stops at Globen. I still took the train there on the way to the Tele2 Arena. Turns out I had looked at the Google map on the wrong setting (walking), because it only took maybe 20 minutes for me to get there, and that meant I was there an hour early, haha. Well, at least I had a good spot to wait. There were maybe 50 people with me at that point, haha.

Because I was there so early, I had plenty of time to shop for some merch and look around. But only after managing to find my seat in row 8! I was very surprised how many Finns were there. I could hear Finnish everywhere! But I guess it makes sense. Because Adele’s tour didn’t take her to Finland, Finland came to Sweden to see her, haha.


Hello. Skyfall. Someone Like You. Send My Love (To Your New Lover). Set Fire to the Rain. Rumour Has It. Rolling in the Deep. Million Years Ago. All I Ask. When We Were Young. Many others. I’m so glad I got to hear my favorite songs that night. It was an amazing night. She was amazing, and I will never forget it.


It also turned out to be the King’s birthday weekend. The big 70. I knew there were supposed to be some events on Saturday, but I didn’t understand enough of the info on the Swedish website, so I didn’t plan to attend anything. Because of that, I had amazing luck stumbling on the Main Guard riding to meet the King, and I also heard the twenty-one gun salute while I was walking by the palace. That’s when I noticed all the people, and decided to see what was happening in the park there. Turns out we were waiting for the King and other members of the Royal family, because there was going to be some singing in a moment. I decided to stay and wait, and that is how I saw them in real life for the first time. Turns out they’re real people, and actually look like the pictures you see online everywhere, haha. Bizarre to see people you normally only read about 😀


After that it was time to head back to the passenger ship terminal, and go home. It was a very nice long weekend trip. My first trip solo. It wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be – traveling alone. I just might like it, and need to do it again soon enough 🙂

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