Dad is crazy. He must be. What other reason would a person have to enter a 161 kilometer running event? Crazy that is.

Alright. That’s it for the jokes, I promise! The point still remains that the above mentioned is what people outside of our family think, and it gets old very quickly. Who cares? If it’s something he enjoys, let him. We certainly will, and what’s more: we help him do it.

Dad after the Channel 5 Bridge during Keys100

Dad started talking about the Keys100 a long time ago. He and Mom asked me tentatively about my plans for the May 20th-22nd weekend during winter, but I said I had Giro d’Espoo on that weekend, so no, I wouldn’t be going to Florida during it. Well. At the end of March we started talking about it again, and let’s just say that the promise of sun and warmth was very attractive when it was still dark and snowy outside 😀 The fact that I wasn’t sure if I would be ready for the ride was also a factor in why I said yes to going. It helped that it seemed that they would really need a second support member if Dad needed a pacer at some point. It was also easier to find the support locations if the driver wouldn’t also need to read the map at the same time.

This was my first time in Florida, so yay for another visited state! I arrived in the evening on the 19th. After a late dinner, we went to see the beach and to try the warm water before getting some much needed sleep.

The next day we made our way to Key Largo for the pre-race orientation. The road there was already very interesting, and I could hardly wait for the rest of it! The 7 Mile Bridge was something I was really excited to see. Sadly, it was already after sunset that we arrived there during the run, so I had to wait until Sunday and the way back to Miami to see it during daylight (and of course I was so tired by then, that I kept nodding off while we were on it, haha!).

The race started very early on Saturday, so that meant a 4:30 wake up. Ugh. And not only was it early, it was also very hot and humid! Google told me it was 26 Celsius degrees at 4am. COME ON! That’s way too hot, way too early 😀

I think Dad’s start time was at 6:30am, and after that it was busy, busy for Mom and I. We had made a plan with Dad to stop every 3 miles, so almost every 5 km. After sunset we stopped more often, maybe after each mile or so, but it was needed. Dad was getting tired (we all were), so we changed the plan accordingly. After sunrise I believe Dad picked up some speed. It looked like he wanted to just finish the run, haha.  And he did wonderfully when you consider the weather conditions. Hot, hot, hot. Hot with a capital F. At least it wasn’t freezing cold and raining like in Texas when he ran the Brazos Bend! 😀

Dad’s time was 29:34:50.7. Way to go, Dad! 🙂

After we got back to Miami, it was time to relax… on the beach, before the trip home the following day. Everyone who knows me can tell you: I’m not a beach person. I just don’t have the patience to stay still for so long. And I can’t stand the heat most of the time. But this time I realized why people like it. Well, the swimming part, at least. I had a blast! So much fun to swim in the very warm ocean! I can’t wait to go on another beach vacation! 😀


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