Summer memories

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a chance to visit Italy during the summer. It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to go, and now I finally did! It was a moment’s decision, haha, which is quite surprising, but great!


I was picking up my parents from the airport in August, and I just had to go up to the departure hall to see if there were any interesting flights leaving. I have this game I like to play there, staring at the departing flight info. I close my eyes and then just point a finger at one of them. One day I would like to be able to just go to the airport with nothing with me (well, passport of course, but still), and just pick a flight and go. So that almost happened! As I waited for my parents to get out, I decided to see how much it would cost to actually go to Rome for a couple of days. Short story even shorter: flights and a nice little hotel not too far from the touristy spots = not too bad. I went home and bought flights for the day after the following day.


It was my first trip truly solo. It took me by surprise when I realized what had happened while I was printing my e-ticket at home. I usually call all my friends through (you wanna go on a trip with me?), and then I start booking tickets and such once I have someone to go with me. Not this time. It was actually quite nice! No one complaining about seeing all the churches, statues and such. I was even able to make an hour long side trip almost just for one picture (see below)!

The Aventine Keyhole

The city was lovely, the food was amazing and I had a great time. I really liked how it was easy to figure out the public transportation system. I was so tired after the first day of walking! I think my feet were crying in happiness when I finally got ready for bed in the evening, haha.


The first day I got there, I walked around the city for a couple of hours until it was time to check in to my hotel. I had chosen a hotel about 3 kilometers from the Trevi Fountain, and decided that because my flight lands around 11am, I would walk around the closely clustered sights before walking to the hotel at 2pm. That was one of the reasons I packed everything I had with me into a backpack. One thing I had not prepared myself, was the weather. It was hot, hot, hot. Or at least I thought so! I felt like I was melting, haha.


I had a kind of a theme for my trip, as you can probably see in the couple of pictures I’ve posted on this post: Angels & Demons. Love the book, and it was fun to see some of the places mentioned in it! 🙂

My recommendation for anyone going to the St Peter’s Basilica? Take the steps to the Dome, and do it first before going into the Basilica (you get inside to the Basilica once you come down from the Dome, so you can skip that line then). I went there around 9am, I think, and I could pretty much walk straight inside once I’d cleared the security after standing in line for about 30 minutes. Also, please make sure you haven’t been lazy for a couple of weeks before you go, because man. There’s a lot of steps to the top, haha! But it was all worth it, and the view is spectacular. The Basilica is also just stunning. I don’t think there’s any empty spots in there – so many paintings and sculptures and art on the walls! Beautiful ❤


It was a trip I would love to do again. I only spent about four days in Rome, and I managed to see all I wanted to see, pretty much. Still. I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime soon. But maybe I will need to see Paris first 😉

Spiraling Vatican City

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