The title describes me now pretty nicely, I think, haha. Swimming is slow, biking is on vacation for now because of flat I haven’t fixed yet, and running is quite slow as well. But you gotta start from somewhere, right?

The last bun after 1000m swim and before my diet started.

In a previous post I was talking about signing up for a swim class in March. Turns out I didn’t want to wait that long, my boss was okay with me coming slightly later in on Wednesdays and there was a morning class with a free spot left. So I signed up for that, even though it meant I would miss one class because of my trip to Iceland. But it was so worth it. 

The lessons were great, and I can now swim somewhat slow front crawl, but at least I know how you’re supposed to swim it, haha! No more randomly swinging arms 😀 I’ve managed to wake up once for a morning swim (apart from the lessons, of course), but mostly I’ve done my swimming after work. I’ve managed to get a friend from work to come with me, even! Now we swim twice a week if we just can (so far so good!). I might add a third swim in there somewhere, maybe during the weekend, but we’ll see. I’m trying to listen myself when I say “slowly does it”, not to do it too much in the beginning, but still. Looking at those super fast swimmers just go makes me feel quite pathetic indeed, haha. But. Slowly does it, you gotta start from somewhere 🙂


Next: My running. It’s getting there. Super slowly. I’ve had time to go for 3 runs now with my new shoes. It’s amazing what a proper pair of running shoes can do! No more leg pain for me. Now it feels like I’m running (jogging, speed walking) on clouds! 😀 I’ve mostly been running about 4 km or 5 km runs to start with. I’ve been running at an indoor track (400m), and last time I was able to run 3 laps before I needed to walk for a little while. I’ve been trying to run 300m of the lap, and walk only 100m if I have to. Sometimes I speed up a little, which of course means I need to walk longer, but eh. I’m not stressing too much about it. Once I lose some more weight (-3,4 kg so far in 3 weeks) and start getting used to running, then it’s a different story. My goal is to not walk at all during my first sprint triathlon, even if it means my running is only running in style, if not speed, ahaha!


Then: My biking. Well. I need to fix that flat. And then I need to start cycling to work again. Last weekend I was so happy when it looked like spring had already arrived. I should have known better. It snowed. And now it’s snowing again. They’re saying we should be getting about 10 cm of snow during the night. Ugh. No road bike for me for a looooong time. Maybe I will need to get a trainer? Spinning bikes are so different, but at least that would be something, though, if I can’t get myself to fix the flat (note to self: fix that flat now, you’re cycling to work on Friday maybe).

But yes. That’s what’s been happening with this triathlete wannabe lately! Hopefully we can cross out that wannabe-part of it come June! I don’t care what my time is, I want to finish, haha! 3 months to go 😀

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