Wonderful world of swimming

I love swimming. It’s a fact that has surprised me during the last few months. It’s also one of the reasons I suddenly find myself focusing on only that, and why my cycling rides are not so frequent anymore. I’d rather jump into a pool than go for a ride – a problem I need to fix soon, as I haven’t really gone out on a proper ride in a long while, and my first sprint triathlon is fast approaching! 🙂

Running, on the other hand, I’ve slowly started. I’ve been on a couple of 5K runs now with Dad. It’s surprisingly difficult! My legs are fine for a while, and then they start complaining of being tired. But I’m told it takes some time to get used to it, so I guess I’ll be fine. Slowly does it.

But back to the swimming part of triathlon! A while back a friend of mine let me know about a triathlon fair in Espoo that was held (finally) on last Friday. I went there to see if I could find a tri suit (no more upriding shirts, yay!) and a wetsuit. I also wanted to find proper goggles, but those I didn’t find then. I did manage to find a wetsuit that fit me! I was a bit worried about that because let’s be honest – I have more weight than I probably should. I was worried there wouldn’t be a size that fits me! Luckily, I could squeeze myself into the 2XU A:1 Active suit, and into a size L, no less! Which was quite good, as they didn’t have the XL size there for people to try on. It took a couple of days for it to arrive to the store, and I went in to get it on Thursday, in plenty of time for the night swim event that was held last night at my swim hall 😉

Now, this is the first tri wetsuit I’ve ever tried to swim in (no surprise there). I’d read about the buoyancy of the wetsuits, and was very eager to see what swimming would feel like in this thing, haha. I think I gave the other triathlete something to laugh about while I kept going on about it once I was in the pool last night. It surprised me, okay! I was not expecting to feel it quite so much. I could float without kicking my feet! Fun times 😀 I also liked that fact that I could swim the first 50 meters at least 10 seconds faster than without the suit on best of days. Of course, I still have things to improve in my swimming technique to really be able to swim a good time, but so far I’m happy in both my own swim time and the wetsuit. We’ll see how I do with the actual open water swimming soon enough! I might be taking a class in OW swimming just before the race.

Another good thing about the night swim last night was that not only were there wetsuits for people to try out if you needed to buy one, but also swim goggles! I tried on a couple of different ones, but walked home in the end with a nice pair of Sailfish goggles. They are dark tinted, which I don’t like so much, but at least they didn’t leak any! So I’d call it a success. It was also super nice to be able to talk with people also interested in triathlon. I didn’t make any new friends, but at least there was that! 🙂 Hopefully they will have another event like this soon enough.

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