Winter Paradise in Iceland

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I never remembered to write about my second trip to Iceland that I did in January 2017! It was the second photography workshop I ever did, and it was also a trip organized by Erez Marom, as was the Land of Ice workshop I did in 2016.

So, even though it’s been an year, let’s see if I can remember something of the trip. If nothing else, you can see my favorite photos from the trip, haha!

Because last time I didn’t like how little time I had once I arrived in Reykjavik before meeting everybody, this time I decided to get there a day early (and leave after an extra day as well), so I wouldn’t need to hurry. Turned out to be a great idea! This also had the bonus of giving me some time to walk around the city before getting ready for the first dinner with the group. I managed to find the Sólfar sculpture (Sun Voyager). during that time, as was the plan. I’ve been wanting to see it for ages. There’s just something about it that I love. The style reminds me a lot of Pentik’s silvered reindeers, haha. But I also like those, so yay!

Sun Voyager
The Sun Voyager during a rainy day.

The second day we started our trip up North. Our destination was the Kirkjufell mountain, and the areas nearby-ish. There’s just something about that mountain. It’s so pretty! And the scenery there was so stunning, even if there wasn’t as much of snow as I had hoped. It was still better than being at home, haha! I also couldn’t stop looking around for the White Walkers 😉 Didn’t see any, but I’m sure they were there somewhere!

Moments before a hail storm.
Gatklettur, the Arch Rock, near Arnarstapi.
Kirkjufell after a night of snow
The black church of Búðir.

Another place that I was really looking forward to spending time at was Lake Mývatn, as well as the waterfalls Goðafoss and Aldeyjarfoss. The monster truck ride was super fun this time, as it was quite long! We saw a regular car coming towards us as we were leaving Aldeyjarfoss. I hope they got out of there, as even we had some trouble at times to move around. I think we got stuck twice or so, and it took some serious tug war to get us moving again, haha.

Lovely sunrise at Aldeyjarfoss

It was a challenge to get to Aldeyjarfoss. There’s a quite steep hill you have to get down first to reach the edge of the waterfall from the parking lot, and it was – of course – frozen with a nice cover of snow on top of it. I don’t think I walked that much; I slid it down on my butt. At least I didn’t fall down that way, and hurt myself, haha! Going back up was a pain with all our gear on our backs, but we did it!

Beautiful sunset at Goðafoss.

We were quite lucky to get 2 nights of northern lights while we were at Lake Mývatn. And they were quite strong as well! The second night we saw them, we were at the lake, and so we were able to get some very nice shots of the lights with the lava formations surrounding the lake. I think this was the last night before we started heading back to Reykjavik, too, so it was a great ending to the trip!

The northern lights at Lake Mývatn.

The very last stop before reaching Reykjavik, was the Dinosaur (or troll) rock Hvitserkur. There I used my big stopper for the first time, and took the image below. It turned out great! I wish the sea had even more smoother look, but I like it as it turned out as well. The sun was hitting the mountains on the other side of the water, and the clouds were just above them, making it an very interesting shot in my opinion. Lucky! 🙂

Hvítserkur, Iceland.

All in all, a great trip, and much recommended! Next time, though, I think it is about time to visit Iceland during the summer! 🙂

If you are interested, you can see these Winter Paradise photos (and a couple more) in a larger size at my 500px profile.

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