Cycling in the Dolomites

For a couple of years now, I’ve been entering the draw for the Maratona dles Dolomites in Italy. There was just something about the Granfondo that had me hooked and I wanted in. I was lucky enough to be one of the 5,000 people selected to take part in the race (out of 32,400 people who had pre-registered for the draw). As happy I was to be selected, I was unable to take part in last year’s race. Luckily the organization let’s you withdraw and transfer the fee for the next year, and that’s what I did. And am I glad that I did. I had the most perfect active holiday last week!


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Whoop! Time to switch bikes!


Saturday was a lovely day! The weather was celebrating my Birthday with me, so I decided to go out for a ride on my road bike to see how much the near-by bike lanes had been cleaned. I had to take a bus to work on Friday, and I saw that the road was cleaned all the way to the bus stop by the motorway, and it looked like the road continued clean from there, so I had to go and check just how far it was cleaned 😀 And because it was above 10ºC, I could manage with one layer of clothing! Okay, 2! I had to wear 2 shirts just in case, haha. But oh, the joy! I felt so light, and the bike was lovely to ride properly after so long!

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Step by step closer to spring!


Last week we had a couple of warm days! It was so nice to skip a layer or two of clothing after work for the commute, making getting dressed so much faster, haha! It didn’t last very long, though. On Thursday evening I was kicking some ice on the side of the street so that I could spread it out so it would melt faster when I realized it was raining a little. Yay! I was in for a nasty surprise when morning came, however. It had started snowing during the night, and we had 5cm of snow on the ground! NO! 😥

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Sunny Saturday and Culebro

Mom convinced me to go to our gym this morning to attend karaoke spinning class again. I don’t remember if I’ve told you guys about it before, but basically it’s a spinning class where you can sing a karaoke song and others cycle to the music. It’s super fun, and I was so glad I went after so long of skipping it, haha. However, me going to the spinning class is not why I am writing this post 😉

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Spare part and other items

The moment I got my new bike, I had a problem with my rear light. The plan was to just switch the lights from my Culebro to the mountain bike, but that didn’t work as well as I had hoped. The reason? Someone had cut the flex tight bracket too short. So even though it fits now my road bike and before Dad’s cyclocross perfectly, it was too short for the tiny bit thicker mountain bike seat post. To make the situation even worse, there weren’t any lights that I liked in the stores nearby, and it was still very dark outside. And of course, I wanted to go ride right away!

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Almost spring, but not yet!


When last Friday came around, I was a bit giddy, because the snow had mostly melted from the ground. Much of the roads I use for my commute had very little snow if at all, and at some places the asphalt was even mostly dry for hundreds of meters! Saturday, however, changed all that. It snowed in the evening and all through the night. Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love winter. I just miss my road bike 😦

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Ice Ice Baby

I was so happy when I finally got to ride a bike to work again after so long. It didn’t last long, though, because the weather turned nasty pretty quickly 😦 It rained and snowed, and because of that all the roads were covered in very smooth ice. We have a word for that in Finnish, ‘pääkallokeli’, literal translation going somewhat like ‘skull weather’. It means that the weather conditions are such that there is black ice on the roads, black ice and/or bad visibility. I could barely walk to the bus stop during those days, so taking my bike was out of the question because I still don’t have studded tires.


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