Winter Paradise in Iceland

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I never remembered to write about my second trip to Iceland that I did in January 2017! It was the second photography workshop I ever did, and it was also a trip organized by Erez Marom, as was the Land of Ice workshop I did in 2016.

So, even though it’s been an year, let’s see if I can remember something of the trip. If nothing else, you can see my favorite photos from the trip, haha!

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A Night to Remember

Summer vacation is here! Lazy days, warmth, training for yet another triathlon race, and… a sudden surprise trip to London to see Adele? What? O.o

Because of unforeseen and very unfortunate circumstances that had fallen a friend, I found myself holding two tickets to see one of Adele’s Wembley Stadium shows (!!!!). After a mad scramble for hotels, flights and yes, even the one friend to share the night with, I found myself leaving work on Wednesday, June 28, and making my way straight to the airport. London was calling!


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Dad is crazy. He must be. What other reason would a person have to enter a 161 kilometer running event? Crazy that is.

Alright. That’s it for the jokes, I promise! The point still remains that the above mentioned is what people outside of our family think, and it gets old very quickly. Who cares? If it’s something he enjoys, let him. We certainly will, and what’s more: we help him do it.

Dad after the Channel 5 Bridge during Keys100

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Recap: Land of Ice, Part Two

Read Part One here.

Icy Knife by Taru Tarnanen on

On the fifth day of the workshop we were happily surprised with some ice on the beach at Jökulsárlón. We had been told that there was no ice on beach when we got there, but in the morning the situation was a lot different. There was even, dare I say it, too much ice on the beach. We had to walk a long way from the car park to reach a point at the beach that had some isolated ice for us to shoot.

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Recap: Land of Ice, Part One

Phew! What a trip I’ve had during the last week! On my previous post I mentioned that I was going to Iceland for a photography workshop (Land of Ice – South Iceland winter photo workshop, lead by Erez Marom), from which I have just returned today. I enjoyed it a lot, and I had a great time getting to know new people and learning new things I can use in my photography.

Seljalandsfoss by Taru Tarnanen on

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Day at Bondi Beach

We were told that we should check out Bondi Beach while we were in Sydney, so of course now that we had all of our planned activities out of the way and nothing special to do today, we made our way there after late breakfast.

IMG_4850-1We took the train to Bondi Junction. When we got up from the platforms, we were unsure which way we should go until I saw a big sign with an arrow and text that went something like “Buses to Bondi Beach”. It was pretty easy after that, because once we were on top of the escalator, we saw a huge line going to one of the doors. We just joined it, and a little later we saw that it was the line for the bus 333 to Bondi Beach. Bingo!

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The Sydney Harbour from up high

IMG_4712-1Wednesday started bright and early for us, as we had a BridgeClimb reservation at 10:05am. We wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t be late, so we left the hotel at 9am and made our way to Circular Quay. It took us a moment to find the right building, and then the waiting started.

Once they had checked our tickets, we were allowed
into a room with forms waiting for us to fill them with our details (name, address) before we were taken to another little room where we were given some more instructions and our suits that we would wear during the climb.

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