Race report: Vanajanlinna 2017

Time flies, and before I knew it, it was race day. My very first triathlon; I was a nervous wreck 😀 It’s always so much easier if you’re doing something for the first time with a friend, but there I was. About to do something nobody in the family has done before, and that apparently also includes the extended family.

750 meters never looked so long. Can you spot all 3 buoys?

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1st year of cycling: 2,222 km and counting

IMG_4239I started cycling properly again meaning: more often in May when I decided to participate in the Kilometrikisa (literal translation: Kilometer Race) this year. It’s a friendly competition a race is a race is a race not here to make friends hey haha just kidding between teams of at least 5 people. The purpose is also to promote commuting and to get people to cycle more and you know, not drive their cars all the time. The winner of the race is going to be the team who has the most kilometers on average for each person in their team. The race time is from May 1st to September 22nd. There is also a winter race, but I’m not planning on participating in that at least this year.

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