A Night to Remember

Summer vacation is here! Lazy days, warmth, training for yet another triathlon race, and… a sudden surprise trip to London to see Adele? What? O.o

Because of unforeseen and very unfortunate circumstances that had fallen a friend, I found myself holding two tickets to see one of Adele’s Wembley Stadium shows (!!!!). After a mad scramble for hotels, flights and yes, even the one friend to share the night with, I found myself leaving work on Wednesday, June 28, and making my way straight to the airport. London was calling!


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Start the day at 5am

The weather’s been very cold this week. We had our first snow in Helsinki and the roads were icy, so I didn’t take my bike to work this week at all. Instead, I went to the gym in the evenings that I could and took a spinning class. If someone had told me last year that I’d rather be cycling outdoors than indoors, I would have laughed at them but that’s how┬áit is now.

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