Running in the Tropic

I’ve decided to dedicate 2020 to running. I think I’ve said it before as well, but this time I’m really going to go through with it. Or that’s the plan anyway! I was hoping to set my sights on my first olympic distance triathlon this year (hence the need to work on my running a little more as well, among other things), but because of the family’s race calendar it looks like we’re going to mostly skip triathlon races this summer. I hope I can fit a couple of sprints in there somewhere, but this year it looks like I’ll be working on my running, and crewing for the ultra runner in the family.

With that in mind, I already ran my first race this year! And in warm weather, too! I love winter, but I don’t really like running in temperatures too close to 0℃. That’s why I was very happy to take a week off work and make my way to Miami for the marathon weekend!


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Dad is crazy. He must be. What other reason would a person have to enter a 161 kilometer running event? Crazy that is.

Alright. That’s it for the jokes, I promise! The point still remains that the above mentioned is what people outside of our family think, and it gets old very quickly. Who cares? If it’s something he enjoys, let him. We certainly will, and what’s more: we help him do it.

Dad after the Channel 5 Bridge during Keys100

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