The List

I’m guessing pretty much everyone has at least some kind of list that they want to complete during their life. My list keeps getting longer and longer, as this kind of things tend to do when you learn about wonderful places you just have to visit or things you need to experience.

This is my list. Items are not in any kind of order. I will try to remember to add “proof” of completion to the items 🙂

  1. Visit Taj Mahal
  2. See the Lotus temple
  3. Visit India
  4. See Mt Fuji camera-icon
  5. Climb Mt Fuji
  6. See Mount Everest and the Himalayas
  7. Write a book
  8. Publish a book
  9. See the pyramids in Cairo
  10. See the Luxor temple
  11. See the Karnak
  12. See the Valley of the Kings
  13. See the Abu Simbel temples
  14. See Petra, especially Al-Khazneh
  15. Visit Tokyo camera-icon
  16. Visit Osaka camera-icon
  17. Visit Kyoto camera-icon
  18. Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha and the torii gates camera-icon
  19. Visit Itsukushima-jinja and the floating torii gate
  20. Visit Hiroshima
  21. Visit Sydney
  22. Visit Melbourne
  23. Visit Perth
  24. Visit Cairns
  25. Visit Canberra
  26. See the Sydney Opera House
  27. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  28. Pet a kangaroo
  29. Pet a koala
  30. Take a quokka selfie
  31. Visit New Zealand
  32. Visit the Hobbiton
  33. Visit the Milford Sound
  34. Spend an exchange year in the USA
  35. Visit San Francisco
  36. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge camera-icon
  37. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  38. Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  39. Walk the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo
  40. Visit New York City
  41. Visit Empire State Building
  42. Visit the Top of the Rock
  43. See Central Park
  44. See the angel statue in Central Park (the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace)
  45. See the clock at Grand Central Terminal camera-icon
  46. Skate at the rink in Rockefeller Center camera-icon
  47. Skate in Wollman Rink in Central Park
  48. Visit Miami
  49. Visit Orlando
  50. Visit Phoenix
  51. Visit the Hoover Dam
  52. Visit the Lincoln Memorial camera-icon
  53. Visit the Monument Valley camera-icon
  54. Visit the Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in Orlando
  55. Visit Disneyland camera-icon
  56. Visit Walt Disney World
  57. Visit Six Flags Magic Mountain
  58. Participate in Tour de Helsinki
  59. Participate in Giro d’Espoo
  60. Participate in Pirkka Classic Tour
  61. Participate in Pirkka Tour
  62. Graduate from high school
  63. Get a driver’s license
  64. Visit Nuorgam camera-icon
  65. Drive across Finland (Hanko-Nuorgam-Hanko => Kotka-Nuorgam-Nordkapp-Kotka)
  66. Visit North Cape camera-icon
  67. Drive in another country (Norway)
  68. Visit Grand Canyon camera-icon
  69. Visit Antelope Canyon
  70. Visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
  71. Visit Los Angeles
  72. See the Walk of Fame
  73. See the Hollywood sign camera-icon
  74. Visit Las Vegas
  75. Spend a night in Bellagio
  76. Visit Denmark
  77. Visit Norway
  78. Visit Iceland
  79. Make a photography trip to Iceland in winter (x2)
  80. Make a photography trip to Iceland in summer
  81. Visit London
  82. See the Big Ben camera-icon
  83. Visit King’s Cross and Platform 9¾ camera-icon
  84. Go to the Prime Meridian (Greenwich) camera-icon
  85. See the crown jewels at the Tower of London
  86. Visit Rome
  87. See the Coliseum
  88. See the Pantheon
  89. Visit the Vatican City
  90. See St Peter’s Basilica
  91. See St Peter’s Square
  92. Visit Venice
  93. Take a gondola ride in Venice
  94. Visit Amalfi
  95. Photograph the Amalfi coast
  96. Eat gelato in Italy
  97. Eat pizza in Italy
  98. Eat pasta in Italy
  99. Visit Portugal
  100. Visit Brazil
  101. See Christ the Redeemer statue
  102. Visit Chile
  103. Visit Peru
  104. See Machu Picchu
  105. Visit Spain
  106. Visit Cypros
  107. Visit Athens
  108. See the Acropolis
  109. See the Parthenon
  110. See Wicked on Broadway
  111. See the Lion King on Broadway
  112. See the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
  113. See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, parts 1 and 2 in London
  114. See the Swan Lake ballet
  115. See the Nutcracker ballet
  116. See the Sleeping Beauty ballet
  117. Go to a Celine Dion concert
  118. Go to a baseball game in the USA camera-icon
  119. Go to San Diego Comic Con
  120. Go wreck diving
  121. Go to Salute to Supernatural Convention
  122. Meet Misha Collins
  123. Meet Tahmoh Penikett
  124. Meet Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
  125. Meet J.K. Rowling (I’d settle for seeing her as well)
  126. Meet Nightwish
  127. Meet Kamelot
  128. Meet Within Temptation
  129. Win NaNoWriMo
  130. Write and Finish a NaNoWriMo novel
  131. Visit China
  132. See the Great Wall of China
  133. Visit Hong Kong
  134. Visit Singapore
  135. Visit Tibet
  136. Visit Ta Prohm
  137. Visit Angkor Wat
  138. Visit Angkor Thom
  139. Finish an Ironman
  140. Finish an Ironman 70.3